Friendly Reminders During GCQ

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Friendly Reminders During GCQ

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As restrictions ease under the General Community Quarantine, or GCQ, some of us are back in the daily grind, into a different landscape we call the “new normal”. To remain cautious is still paramount as we are yet to flatten the curve and eradicate this deadly COVID-19 virus.

Here are some friendly reminders:

#1: Keep Your Mask On

Your mask is your first line of defense. Wear it all the time. The virus is transmitted through droplets generated by coughs and sneezes of an infected person. Keeping a mask on helps prevent the spread or getting infected. 

Don’t forget to wash hands regularly. Having a 70% ethyl alcohol inside your bag surely comes handy too.

#2: Observe physical distancing

Maintain a space, approximately 6 feet (the farther, the better), from another person (with mask). This minimizes contact with another person, and creates a distance between you, and the cough or sneeze of another person. Also, remember Reminder #1

Social physical distancing covid 19 trader job

#3: Avoid crowded places

GCQ resumes office operations and reopens shops & markets. Two days in, and commercial establishments and the streets has seen a drastic influx of people. And while it feels good to be out again, the threat remains.

Therefore, unless you really, really need to step out of your safe space, DON’T. You would not want to risk getting infected by going out, let's say, for a grocery run... which leads me to Reminder #4

avoid crowded places trader job covid 19

#4: Shop Online

Skip the lines
. Stay inside your safe space. For your grocery and fresh goods, Trader Job delivers FAST while you wait, not in crowded places, but inside your house, safe and sound. This also saves you time, money, gas, and perhaps, even from getting in contact with a carrier. Everything you need is within the touch of your fingertips. Shopping groceries now made VERY EASY.

Better yet, call us directly or message us on Facebook..

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Remember, the health and safety of each one is top priority in these trying times. Remain vigilant as we face this unseen enemy. Stay safe and always be well, mga beloved naming suki.


Our delivery team, and the entire Trader Job staff, practice safe hygiene inside and outside the office, and we strictly adhere to the General Community Quarantine guidelins.

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