How To Shop At Trader Job

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How To Shop At Trader Job

Trader Job is committed in finding solutions to improve the shopping experience of our beloved customers - that's YOU. The goal is to make grocery and #fresh goods shopping hassle-free, easier, fast, and very convenient. And by developing the Trader Job website, this takes us one step closer to our goal.

Shopping using the Trader Job website is as easy as a touch of a finger tip. Here's how:
STEP 1: Visit the Trader Job website.
how to order trader job
STEP 2: Choose & add items to your CART. Indicate the variant (if applicable) and quantity of item. Review items in your cart, and click "CHECK OUT" to proceed to the next step.
how to order trader job

Fill out required contact information fields - e-mail or mobile number, Review orders. If applicable, enter the discount code.

PRO TIP: Check “Keep me up to date on news and exclusive offers” to get first hand news of promotions, and discounts
how to order trader job
STEP 4: Choose preferred Shipping Method - (a) Shipping or (b) Pick Up. For shipping, fill out the required fields - receiver’s name and shipping address.

PRO TIP: Toggle “Save this information for next time” so you don’t have to retype every time.

how to order trader job
STEP 5: Select your delivery location. Shipping fee is indicated, too.

PRO TIP: There is a FREE DELIVERY PROMO. Ask a Trader Job representive how or read more about the How To Avail Free Delivery!

how to order trader job delivery
STEP 6: Choose the payment option most convenient for you. You may pay thru (1) Cash On Delivery, Bank Transfer via (2) Bank Of The Philippine Islands, BPI, or (3) Banco De Oro, BDO, (4) GCash, or (5) credit card thru PayPal.

Then click, COMPLETE ORDER. =)

how to order delivery trader job
STEP 7: We will call you to confirm order before our delivery team heads out for delivery. You will receive a phone call when our rider arrives. 

Easy, right?  Enjoy your #fresh goods and groceries. 

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